Time Travel

Last night I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings with some friends. While there, I ordered a buffalo ranch chicken wrap, and changed the sauce from medium to spicy garlic. What I did not know was that I was about to have the best wrap ever. After I ate it, I had to sit and reflect on just how good it was. It was like the stars aligned last night, and the mixture of sauce and ranch with chicken and the perfect amount of shaved lettuce, tomato, and cheese produced some kind of drug-induced state in me. Simply amazing.

After snapping out of it, I starting talking about time travel with a friend. Let's think back to the first Terminator movie. (I haven't seen it in ages, so all you avid Terminator fans should forgive me for forgetting things, like names of characters.) Let's see. We have this Dude, that leads some sort of rebellion against the machines in the future. The Terminator is sent back in time to destroy the Dude's mother, thus causing the Dude to never have been born. Then the Dude sends his best friend back in time to protect his mother. The best friend helps the mother, knocks her up, and then dies (My friend reminded me that he dies, I forgot that part). So now the best friend is really the Dude's father, but is dead so he'll never see him again. Does that mean that this guy will still be born later in time and do the same thing? Or is he now, by doing that, erased from existence? Will there be a need for this to continue in a circular fashion throughout time?

Back to the future screwed me up too. Wouldn't you remember your former reality if it just got changed because of something that Marty and Doc did in the past? I guess I just can't get my head around that. I can't imagine knowing someone who goes back in time and changes things so that suddenly, I like the color yellow and the band Creed. Creepy.

I think the lesson here is that time travel would seriously screw things up. My friend had an idea to make a movie where the characters start in a time that is totally different from our own, go back in time and change things so they end up here, in our reality, where time travel isn't possible. That's probably the most feasable out of anything. Maybe that's what really happened... oooh.

4 Responses to "Time Travel"

Ryan responded on 2/22/2006 3:40 PM #

I think I've gone crosseyed.

Anonymous responded on 3/02/2006 10:57 AM #

i rebellion dude is John Conner Erica! How can you play Scene It without knowing John Conner!! ;) His mother's name is Sarah

Erica responded on 3/02/2006 11:27 AM #

It was a temporary lapse in my memory, Ms. anonymous, but don't you worry: I'll be kicking your ass very soon in Scene It.

Anonymous responded on 3/02/2006 11:32 AM #