Checking in

I just noticed that my last post was about goals for 2010 (and also that it was from JANUARY, and it is now MARCH), so I thought I'd see how well I've been keeping to those goals. Ahem:

1. I've technically read more than one book a month, but I can (and should) do better. I'm still waiting until the last minute to read my book club selection, which I need to stop doing. However, I'm working on finishing some unfinished books, so that's good. I'll get to the end of you one of these days, Dracula!

2. Working out? Um... yeah. I haven't been as active as I'd like. Now that the weather is warming up, Jared and I are planning to walk/hike more often.

3. I'm working on getting back into Final Fantasy 3 on my DS, so I would consider this as a good start for playing more video games. I honestly don't know what's holding me back from playing Dragon Age, though. I WANT to play it, but when I have free time I never do. What's wrong with me?!

4. I finally finished organizing all of my files, which feels wonderful. I still have plenty of craft projects to finish, but I feel good knowing a big project is completed that has been nagging me for quite some time. Progress!

5. Like I said before, this one's easy. Done! I have my certificate and the bride and I have already met to discuss the ceremony in detail. Now I just need to get a website up and running!

So, plenty still to do if I want to really say that I'm meeting my goals, but at least I haven't ignored them completely. Maybe I should have made a goal to update my blog more!

Speaking of the blog - I haven't decided what the future of Ridiculology is. Maybe I'll keep it going as-is, just updating when I have something interesting to share. Or maybe it will morph into another project. What do you think, loyal readers?