Moving into the future

Well, it's been a very busy fall so far! Let's recap, since I've gone WAY too long without posting:

Guard was fantastic - I met some great people, cracked myself in the nose with a flag a few times, and had two performances. Our season is actually already over, with the exception of a possible performance in a Christmas parade on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Now starts winterguard - H20 Winterguard to be precise - and I've been asked to be on staff! I'm very very excited!

Pictures from guard related things can be found in my Flickr photoset.

I moved into a new house this month, and I love love love it! I still have a lot of unpacking to do, but hopefully that will be done by next weekend, because we are having our annual Halloween party on Saturday! Pictures from the house are up on my Flickr page, and pictures from the Halloween party will be up sometime next week.

A funny thing that happened a while ago:

I really like the Feist song that plays in the new iPod nano commercials - so Jared downloaded it for me from the DRM-free Amazon MP3 service. Does that seem ironic to anyone else?

And in sad news - the Cleveland Indians are not going to the World Series. I got really excited about a week ago when I learned that not only were the Indians going to be in the American League Championship Series, but that my favorite player, Kenny Lofton, was back on the team. I used watch baseball all the time, but I haven't for the past few years - so I really don't even know how long Lofton has been back with the Indians. Regardless, it was fun watching the series, even if they lost horribly to the Boston Red Sox in games 6 and 7. There's always next season.