Wood hazard

Alright. I know that this will sound crazy, but hear me out.

A few weeks ago, on my way to work, traffic on the highway came to a startling halt. Now, this wouldn't seem so odd, considering how terrible the traffic in Columbus can be - but it was around 10:45am, long after the morning rush hour. I tried to see what was causing the pileup, and only saw smoke coming from the side of the road up ahead. I assumed (as I imagine most would) that there had been a nasty accident, and a car was either on fire or had been on fire. And sure enough, as I drove up to it, I saw a pile of something on fire. But it wasn't a car. It was a very large pile of wood, at least 8 feet high. I couldn't take my eyes off of it until I had completely driven by - had I actually just been looking at a large pile of wood, on fire, completely blocking the right lane? And were those firemen putting it out, or tending it?! I swear, I wouldn't have been any more surprised if I had seen them out there making s'mores!

Anyhow, I told Jared about this when I got home that night, and we looked on the local news websites to see if there was any mention of it. Of course, there was nothing, and I sounded like a lunatic.

But, it gets better! Today, on my way to work, driving past the same patch of highway... traffic comes to a halt again. This time, there were two cars that had just gotten into a minor accident - no fire or smoke or anything like that. But as I passed them, and tried to avoid the broken glass on the road, I noticed that one of the cars was - you guessed it - sitting on a small pile of wood. This wouldn't have seemed that weird if a truck were involved in the accident. I could buy the fact that a truck could have been hauling wood and it fell out during the accident. But you can't tell me that two cars would somehow cause wood to be left in the road. That's just crazy!

Apparently, I need to watch out for falling wood on my way to work. I could be next!


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