A resolution to resolve

As promised, here's our Christmas photo:

Isn't it awesome?! That's our cardboard cutout of Captain James T. Kirk in the background, and I made the pie and apron myself. Jared's holding a collection of Christmas stories by Charles Dickens, and he added the lens flare for effect. We went all out for this one!

I'm still working on getting everything transferred to the laptop, so no new pictures yet. But soon! I promise!

Also, I wanted to share an update to a previous post. Remember Gueek Bkead Fay? Well, I was telling some friends about it and stumbled upon a sort-of explanation here. So, it sounds like it just means "holiday decoration" in Hindi, and specifically refers to a Christmas decoration. Not as exciting of a meaning as I'd hoped for, but it makes sense. But if I find out anything else I'll be sure to post it here!

So, 2010 is almost upon us! Have you decided on a New Year's resolution yet? I haven't yet, and I'm open to suggestions! Let me know what you think I should resolve to do (or not do) in the coming year, and maybe I'll pick your idea. Or maybe I'll come up with something else. Or... maybe I'll resolve to do nothing, which could be fun. WE'LL SEE!

Autumn is for not blogging

Hello friends! It's been a while, hasn't it? Seems that I decided to take an autumn break from blogging. I've been so busy doing all sorts of fun things, but never took the time to write about them! I have pictures but I haven't been able to upload them yet - we upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 this week, and I'm still in the process of transferring files and downloading programs and all that fun stuff. So hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon!

The biggest thing that happened recently was at work - I was transferred to the Hilltop Branch! At first it was very hard to leave my fabulous coworkers at the Main Library, but Hilltop has been wonderful. The staff there have made me feel incredibly welcome, and most of the customers are really friendly and fun to talk to. Even some of the teens come up to the desk and chat with me, which makes me feel cool and hip. Sad but true.

The holidays are fast approaching, and I'm trying to get motivated to start some crafts. I think once we pick out the tree and start decorating, I'll be ready to make things! Jared and I have some great ideas for a Christmas photo this year that I'm sure I'll post for everyone to see - I think it's going to be amazing!

What are you doing to get yourself into the holiday spirit?