I've been itching for some time now to create something. Other than a blog of stupid things, of course. I want to make something that people will remember me by. Like that kid who invented the glow-in-the-dark toilet seat - fucking genious. I tried as a kid to come up with some cool ideas, but nothing seemed to hit the mark.

My newest idea involves garbage bags. What do you do with the box they come in when you pull out the last bag? You probably throw the box into the bag. It just makes sense. Once you use all the bags, the box is now trash. So why not attach the box to the bag so that when you pull it out, the box is already inside of it automatically? The bag would probably have to be inside out for this to work properly. But I think I could make millions - nay, billions with this kind of idea.

Or maybe, just maybe, we could have self-destructing garbage bag boxes. They would blow up Inspector Gadget style once you pulled the last bag out ("This box will self destruct in 5 seconds"). It might cause a few injuries and/or deaths, but it would be totally worth it. Anything for our precious, precious environment.

5 Responses to "Inventionitis"

Anonymous responded on 2/20/2006 8:31 PM #

I love your little stories....they make me laugh when I really need it. Hope all is well, miss ya! ~Tiff

Ryan responded on 2/21/2006 3:27 PM #

If you made the final explosion delayed but strong enough, you could probably just vaporize that whole last sack 'o trash, negating an entire trip to the trash can!

Eebs responded on 2/21/2006 4:32 PM #

I invented something once, for Mark Zimmerman. It was called The Mark, and it was actually a punctuation mark to let you know someone was being sarcastic (through email or AIM, for example).

I never decided on an actual design for it... I think we had talked about using a little-known or seldom-used item that's already on the keyboard, like ~ or something. Anyway, that's an idea that I've just been sitting on for years. (Mark, do you remember that?)

I had other ideas too, but I've forgotten most of them because Jacob told me they were stupid.

Erica responded on 2/22/2006 10:50 AM #

Ryan, I think we've stumbled onto something great here. Imagine, all trash being vaporized and no more need for land fills? It could work, I tell ya.

Erica, don't let the man get you down. I wonder if the vertical line on the keyboard could be used for The Mark - nobody uses that thing.

Ryan responded on 2/22/2006 3:39 PM #

I'm pretty sure you're talking about the pipes, or " | ". Two of them used in C programming represent the logical operator OR. I'm sure there are plenty more uses I'm not aware of.

Perhaps you could go to the ASCII table to find some more obscure symbols, or a foreign accent mark not commonly used in American English?