So far, not so good

It's day 2 of November - I haven't written a word yet for NaNoWriMo, and I barely remembered that I needed to post before midnight to keep up with NaBloPoMo. I have a feeling I'm not going to do either, but I guess I won't completely give up yet.

Hmm, what to write about? Tonight Mark and Jared put together our (free) pool table. The best part is that by the time we were done, we were all too tired to play pool. It wasn't a wasted evening since we will eventually want to play pool, and now it will be there for us to use. But still.

My new obsession is artichoke and garlic salsa. Mmmm... delicious.

Well, time for bed. Erica needs to go to work tomorrow and put up a display about unicorns. How sickeningly cute.


Ryan responded on 11/03/2007 11:53 AM #

Is it a nice table? If you want a post idea for today, post a picture of the table for me? Ooh, especially if you get a picture of Emilio shootin' pool with a cue. :D