Revelations of the day

Revelation #1: This morning during my commute to work, I thought about the fact that I haven't had much time to unpack and get the house organized the way I want. Sure, I have my evenings after work, but who wants to spend the whole night cleaning and unpacking when there's shows to watch on the DVR? Certainly not me. So I thought about this, and realized that I probably have enough PTO built up to take a whole week off work, and that the beginning of December would be the perfect time to do that. Not only will I be able to get some stuff done around the house, but I'll be able to do some Christmas shopping, get cards sent out, and visit family. Just knowing that I can take that time off is making me less stressed out overall, which is a very good thing.

Revelation #2: The other day, Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer) talked about his mancrush on Wil Wheaton (he played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, for those of you not geeky enough to know that already), and it got me thinking - do I have any girlcrushes? (Do girls even talk about their girlcrushes?) There's plenty of men I have crushes on via the internets and tv - Phil Plait (obviously), Kevin Smith, Harrison Ford (my true love), and many more - but what about women I respect and admire? After some careful thought, I've come up with two women that I can claim to have girlcrushes on:

Morgan Webb - She's smart, sexy, and a total geek, which is completely awesome. I love the fact that she is a gamer, and you can totally tell that from the way she reviews games on X-Play, the show she co-hosts on G4. (The other female hosts on G4 don't convince me that they actually know anything about gaming other that what they are reading off a cue card.) She also does a daily video podcast to report important internet and technology news, and I always get the impression that she really knows what she is talking about. That's definitely reason for a girlcrush!

Damaris B. Sarria - She writes about how she is becoming an astronaut, and I'm pretty sure that I learned about her blog from Phil Plait. In any case, she is everything I wanted to be when I was a kid, and I think it's fantastic. She's not famous or anything, but that's what makes her so cool - she's just a girl who is following her dreams, and she's sharing her experiences with the world. So awesome.

Do you have any mancrushes/girlcrushes that you're willing to publicly admit?

7 Responses to "Revelations of the day"

Ryan responded on 11/06/2007 10:36 AM #

I've got celeb crushes aplenty, trust me. You might want to check out though.

Chaser responded on 11/06/2007 1:07 PM #

Oh my god, it's like girlcrush city over here. I have them all the time. My biggest most recent girlcrush has been Jenna Fischer from The Office. She has a Myspace, and she used to write in her blog all the time and it would be all this super nerdy stuff about cupcakes and shopping and Target and what flip flops she likes best. I loved how she was totally funny and dorky and took the time to write that stuff to her fans. She does it much less now that the show's more popular, but that's understandable.

I also had a big fictional character girlcrush (double crazy!) on Alex Cabot, who used to be the ADA on Law & Order SVU. She was bitchy and sarcastic and had nice coats. Love!

Eebs responded on 11/06/2007 4:17 PM #

You know I have a Catherine Zeta-Jones thing, which is diminishing as she continues to make No Reservations-like movies. But she's still a robobabe.

Also, could I freakin' love Regina Spektor any more than I do? It's more than her music. LOVE her.

Oh man, I have a lot more but I think I'd best stop here.

Ryan responded on 11/07/2007 12:03 AM #

Second on the Jenna Fischer! What a fox.

Maihop responded on 11/07/2007 12:40 AM #

Yeah, Jenna Fischer is totally hot. And smart. And generally awesome.

I also forgot to mention that I love Natalie Portman. I don't know why. I just think she's cute.

Also, I totally didn't know that Danica McKellar had a degree in mathematics, but I have a whole new kind of respect for her now. Rock on!

And I don't know much about Regina Spektor, but I'm beginning to think that I should start checking her music out.

Eebs responded on 11/07/2007 9:34 AM #

OH! Until House last night, I forgot that I also love Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy). I know you don't watch the show but they dress her well. :D

Jenna is absolutely hot, but nowadays she's too easy of an answer. Everyone has a crush on her.

Ryan responded on 11/07/2007 10:48 AM #

Natalie Portman has tenure on my list of celeb crushes because her resume includes Star Wars. Same for Carrie Fisher, even though she's old and coked out by now.