Making impressions

The other day, a woman came into my library who I'd seen maybe a handful of times before. I was at the desk, and although someone else was helping her, she found her way over to me to say hello. What follows is our exact conversation:

Woman: Hey there friend!
Me: Hello.
Woman: I haven't seen you in a while!
Me: Oh, well, I've been here.
Woman: Oh okay. Hey, would you like my home phone number, so you can call me?
Me: Uhh.. no, I'll just see you when you come in.
Woman: Oh. Well, will you be here tomorrow?
Me: No.
Woman: Oh. 'Cause I'll be in tomorrow.
Me: That's okay, I'll just see you next time.
Woman: Okay.

Apparently, my customers like me. Maybe too much.

PS - I'll work on getting a pic of the pool table on here for you, Ryan. I took some pictures last night but didn't get them uploaded. Maybe that can be tomorrow's post.

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