Maybe her sister's name is India

I wanted to briefly share a great fuzzy memory:

When I was about ten years old, we set up a lemonade stand on the sidewalk in front of our house. But we didn't sell many glasses, and after a few hours, we took it down. I think that was the first time I realized that the world doesn't give a damn about you or anything you do.
--Jack Handy

Doesn't that just make you feel wonderful?

Update: There have been no further incidents with my potential drug-dealing neighbors. In fact, they've been pretty quiet recently. My apartment, on the other hand, has been bustling with people lately. I guess now I'm the drug dealer of the neighborhood - sans drugs.

Also in my neighborhood is a little girl named Malaysia. For some reason, it's funny to me when her mom yells at her. "Malaysia, you get over here right now!"

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