He won't be getting the Beer Volcano

First and foremost, I would like to thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for His gracious gifts of new Stargate episodes tonight. Also, I'm fairly sure that the re-runs of Firefly I caught on SciFi today were no accident. Thanks, buddy.

I have some interesting links for all of you Pastafarians out there. Start with this news article:

Note to self: Don't try to evade taxes by claiming that all my worldly possessions are really owned by God. The judge won't buy it. Maybe just plead insanity? (Not that it would be a stretch for ol' Dr. Dino or anything.)

Interested in learning more? Check out super awesome cool Dinosaur Adventure Land! Complete with rides, a "science" center, and museum! Come and have your children brainwashed! Fun for all ages!

But seriously, folks - there is a certain level of crazy that scares the crap out of me, and this is it. I have a feeling if this guy doesn't get thrown in jail, there's gonna be some people in a warehouse drinking "special" kool-aid. Yikes. I think the kicker for me was this particular quote, taken from the Dinosaur Adventure Land website:

In the "What you can do to help" section, in regards to several Dinosaur Adventure Land (DAL) buildings being closed:

"Donald Mayo, Escambia County building inspector has been invited to inspect the buildings many times and the Church has had two engineers and two electricians inspect them independently but that is not good enough for Mayo. He says the Church must get his permission to build in this county. He intends to keep the buildings closed by force and may even bulldoze them if the Church does not comply. He can also end this in 3 seconds by issuing a permit and certificate of occupancy in his own name or the name of the county and filing it in their files. He knows this but seems to have a personal vendetta against the work of the Lord here.

The County attorney Allison Rogers can stop this by simply dropping the case.

Sheriff Ron McNesby can simply refuse to help shut down the Lord’s Church. Hitler’s men should have refused his orders. George Bush told the Iraqi soldiers to refuse any orders to set oil wells on fire.

Judge Michael G. Allen can stop this in 3 seconds by rescinding his order.

God can stop this II Kings 1 style in zero seconds!"

Uhh, since when are we comparing people to Hitler?

Well, I think that's all the insanity I'm prepared to deal with today. Happy new Stargate episodes, everyone. May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

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