Goals for 2010

Well, I didn't end up making any resolutions for this year - although I do like the idea of picking up a bad habit instead of starting a good one! Instead, I think I'm going to copy Jessica's idea and create a list of goals for 2010. She did ten, but I'm going to be a little less motivated and list five. Perhaps one of them will be a bad habit that I'd like to indulge in!

1. Read more than one book per month. Right now, I'm in a book club that meets about once a month, and I've been good about getting my book read before our meetings (even if that means some marathon reading the day before). However, I'd like to up that a bit, and start really reading for pleasure again. To start, I'm going to try to finish a few books that I've started and forgotten about, like this one and this one.

2. Work out at least once a week. This sounds pathetic, but really - I hardly ever really "work out," even if I am in colorguard part of the year and randomly dance around the house when I'm cleaning or cooking dinner. I know that I should be working out at least three times a week, but let's be honest - I'm not going to leap headfirst into an active lifestyle after being a lazy ass for pretty much my entire adult life. So let's start small and see how things go, shall we?

3. Play more video games. It sounds simple enough, but I'm very much the kind of person that avoids doing fun things at home because I'm too busy worrying about the chores I haven't done yet, and video games usually end up being last on my list of things that are okay to do. But I just got Dragon Age: Origins for Christmas and I have other games I've been meaning to finish, so I need to get playing!

4. Finish some freakin' projects. Be honest - we all have those projects that we've been meaning to finish for YEARS and keep putting off. This year I want to get some of them done and out of my mind. This will also help me feel less guilty about completing goal #3. Specifically, I'd like to finish organizing my files (preferably before tax day) and get a fairly large cross-stitch project done that was supposed to be a gift for a friend, oh, in 2008. Oops.

5. Become a wedding officiant. This one's easy because I already know that I'm doing it - a coworker asked me to officiate her wedding, and I just sent in my paperwork to the Ohio Secretary of State today! Luckily for me and my coworker, I got myself ordained online through the Universal Life Church back in 2004, so I'm totally qualified. Hilarious, right? But I've always been a little wedding obsessed (okay, a LOT wedding obsessed) so this seemed like a fun way to be involved in weddings, help people out, and make a little extra money on the side without trying to become a full-fledged wedding planner. As long as my first wedding goes well this year, I'm going to start advertising myself and try to get a little side business going. My focus will be on non-religious weddings - I would cater to people who, like me, don't want to get married in a church or by a religious official, but also don't want some totally informal courthouse thing either. So if you're in that situation too and need someone to marry you, I'd be glad to do it!

Do you have any goals or resolutions that you've decided on for 2010?

3 Responses to "Goals for 2010"

Lindsey responded on 1/04/2010 3:14 PM #

Totally. Because my resolutions last year pretty much failed... (well, two succeeded). I've figured out what I need to do differently so I'm going to approach things differently. So my big one is definitely exercise. However I'm not going to do the traditional gym thing because I suck at that. My goal this year is to learn new things. So I'm going with classes! Also I want to get out and do more, which is another goal.

Good list!

Morning Toast responded on 1/05/2010 4:02 PM #

I need to finish projects too. I totally SUCK at finishing projects. I can't stop my brain so a project that starts out cool and small just gets bigger (and cooler) and I never know when to stop because thinking about how cool it could be is too much fun.

I need to rethink side business income again...but I don't want it to be web work. I want it to be something fun I enjoy and earn cash from. And I'm all for quantity cash...sell a lot for a little.

(Haha, the captcha word for this comment is "flubutes" - that's fun to say. Flubutes.)

luckeyfrog responded on 1/10/2010 3:35 PM #

I think you have very reasonable, good goals. Little steps are the things that don't get dumped two weeks into January.

I think it sounds like you'd really enjoy being a wedding officiant. If Ryan and I end up looking for one, we'll let you know! :)