Culinary adventures

I don't cook at home as often as I should (for someone that wants to save money), but lately I've been a little more adventurous than usual in the kitchen. My latest dinner attempt involved imitating a wrap that I like to get at Shane's Gourmet Market downtown. It was pretty simple to make, and it's so, so good!


Chicken breast (I used the kind in the pouch that you find in the tuna section; any cubed chicken breast will do)
Bacon pieces
Wraps (I used sun dried tomato and basil, yum)
Spinach (lettuce will do if you're not a spinach fan)
Cheese (Shane's uses Swiss, but I prefer provolone or muenster)
Red onions
Dijon mustard
Ranch (Optional)

Everything is chopped and cubed, and put in the wrap:

Like I said, pretty simple. I put a little too much filling in mine though, and it was hard to roll up. But it was still very yummy!

Since I'd fryed up the bacon, I had some bacon grease left over - and I really didn't want to just get rid of it. So I sliced up some potatoes and fryed them in the grease. Yes, I know, not the healthiest thing in the world. But I've tried this before with butter and always burnt the potatoes, so I wanted to see if this method worked out better - and it was delicious!

A little bit of sour cream made these potatoes a perfect side dish. This ended up being a very filling meal and I'll probably make these things separately next time, but I was glad that everything turned out tasting really good.

I wish I'd taken some pictures of the tortilla crusted fish I made last week as well - Jared said it was really good, and that's saying a lot since he doesn't usually like fish. You'll just have to trust me that it was awesome. It was just some tilapia with lime juice and seasoning, coated in crushed up tortilla chips with a little butter topping. I got the idea from a Lean Cuisine that I really like - but I think my version is better (but probably much more fattening).

Do you have any culinary creations that you're particularly proud of? Any recommendations for meals that a newbie like me should try?


Jim Brochowski responded on 8/24/2009 8:23 PM #

Looks delicious. Might have to try this sometime.

Never thought about posting recipes.