What else is there to think about on Saturday afternoon?

I was talking to a coworker today (Jim) about my favorite xkcd comic:

This was from Spring of 2007 - 2 years ago. It's still awesome, but I wonder what it would look like today? Twitter isn't even on there, and Facebook would have a much bigger space now. I wonder what other newer communities would make the map? And where would Cory Doctorow's balloon be now?!

2 Responses to "What else is there to think about on Saturday afternoon?"

Morning Toast responded on 4/21/2009 5:19 PM #

I'd say you can replace MySpace with Facebook these days. Myspace can replace Friendster. Twitter can replace Xanga.

Cyworld, Orkut, and LJ? I barely have heard of any of those. Twitter could probably invade some of those too along with the Twitter support services, TwitPic, Blip...all those types.

World or Warcraft has grown to probably take over that whole island by now.

And the Icy North should now just be Google. The Yahoo, Windows, AOL can be exiled to the island to the east.

Wonder if LinkedIn would earn some real estate these days? Probably, maybe a medium-sized island.

And MorningToast.com is the tiny, tiny island down in The Wet Sea in the SW corner - hee hee :)

erica responded on 7/07/2009 8:32 PM #

I love this!