Autumn excitement

I have been MIA for awhile - not really sure why, but I've felt very uninspired to write anything lately. But I thought I'd break the silence and list some things I'm excited about right now:

1. Going to the Circleville Pumpkin Show tonight. I've never been to it, even though I've lived in Columbus for 3ish years now.

2. Halloween! Jared and I are having our party again this year, and I'm hoping it will be even better than previous years. Please come if you are free the night of November 1st, and don't forget to dress up!

3. Making costumes for the aforementioned Halloween Party. I ventured into the realm of costume making last year with this Princess Peach costume for Erica M., and I'm hoping that the costumes I'm making this year turn out just as good or even better! (Also, I hope I have time to finish them before the party!)

4. Being crafty. I haven't just been in a blogging rut lately, I've also been in a crafting rut! But I found some fabulous fabric at Joann's the other day, and I'm hoping to make something fun with it. I probably won't get to it until after Halloween, but I'm still excited that I'm actually inspired to make something. It's been a while.

5. Cooking! Yes, I've actually been cooking more lately, and I'm enjoying it. I always love to bake, but cooking has never been my strong point. It still isn't, but I think I'm improving. Practice makes perfect, right?

What are you excited about right now?


Renee responded on 10/20/2008 9:52 AM #

What am I excited about? I'm excited you're posting again!!

Also, I'm making costumes right now and I'm totally stoked. It's hard trying to keep the toddler from pulling on the fabric though so I have to work late at night or when he's napping. I wish I could just tether him to something sometimes....

Super stoked about Halloween. I raided the Dollar store and made goodie bags for trick or treaters. Since I live in an apartment complex, I don't think we'll get many, that's why these goodie bags are HUGE. The ones that do come will be quite pleased :)