Mediocrity, maybe

I decided to do a little facebook stalking tonight, and I ended up kinda... bummed out. There are a lot of people I'm friends with on facebook because we went to high school or college together, and since I don't talk to most of them anymore it's nice to see what they are doing now. The problem is that many of them are doing things that are so cool or exciting that it makes me feel extremely boring in comparison. For instance, I know a guy who studies endangered birds - how cool is that? There's also a girl I know that went to school to be a governess. A governess! Then there's the people who have moved to California or Florida or are studying abroad or other things that I just wouldn't have thought of. It's so exciting, and I'm happy for all of them.

And then there's me. What do I do with my life? I become a librarian in the same state that I grew up in and have lived all my life. Does anyone look at my facebook profile and think, "Wow, look at Erica! I'm totally jealous of her awesome life!" Probably not. Most people think, "Wow, you're a librarian... wait, you need a degree for that?"

But the thing is, I really love my job. And I'm very happy here in Ohio, even if it's the same state where I was born and raised. (At least I'm in a different city, right?) So be jealous of me, facebook friends. I (enthusiastically) deal with the general public on a daily basis and live to tell the tale - that's pretty damn impressive.

4 Responses to "Mediocrity, maybe"

luckeyfrog responded on 4/11/2008 11:24 AM #

I guess just try to remember that while their lives might sound good, it doesn't mean they're happy, just as your life might "sound" boring to some of them, even though you're happy.

That said, I know it's a little tough- I've had former teachers tell me I'm "too smart" to go into education- and that's their job too! It can be hard to accept that you're doing what you love if its perception is less than fantastic.

Anonymous responded on 4/13/2008 10:03 AM #

I think passion is all that matters. If you have passion for what you are doing than it is just as good or better than anything else.

Liz responded on 4/19/2008 9:43 AM #

Being a librarian and being in Ohio are great!

Found you via librarything, btw.

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