Web comic rush

I'm reading two books right now, but I haven't finished either of them - so no book review today. Sadness, I know. But at least I'm updating.. so that's a start.

I've never been a big web comic person - I usually hear about them, or see them once or twice, but never remember to keep up with it. Plus, a whole bunch of them aren't that funny. Well... they aren't that funny to me, and that's all I care about. But lately I've been reading Unshelved, a fantastic comic that pretty much sums up life in a public library. Even if you don't work in a library, it would still be funny.

I've also become aware of another comic - Questionable Content - which seems promising so far. I had heard about this one some time ago, but it keeps popping up in people's blogs, and now I'm curious about it. So curious, in fact, that I decided to find out which character I'm most like. I wasn't expecting to be the robot, but whatever. Me likey robots.

Which Questionable Content Character Are You?

You are Pintsize! You are a destructive little monster who only manages to get away with things because he's cute. You have a fondness for cake mix and a weakness for duct tape. I pray to God that no one ever builds a laser into your stomach.
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Questionable Content also has both a rockin' library t-shirt and Harrison Ford t-shirt for sale, both of which I absolutely. must. have.

I think QC might be a little too indy for my taste, but whatevs. I just started reading it today anyhow. Their stuff is cool, so the comic must also be cool. It's a rule. (Rhyme!)

All of this reminds me of the aspirations I had to start my very own web comic. Hmm, that's worked out well so far, hasn't it? Perhaps I am not Web Comic Creator Material. Or perhaps I am just lazy. Actually, I told someone about my ideas and found out that it had already been done - and done much better than I could have, I might add. Go figure.

3 Responses to "Web comic rush"

Ryan responded on 2/01/2007 4:00 PM #

Just my two cents...I used to be a big fan of real comics. Y'know, like the good colored ones in the paper that were funny? Boy, how I miss true works of art like Calvin and Hobbes.

Unfortunately, the cynical part of me would say that modern comics are just 4 panels of crap, talking heads with no room for decent story development, constrained by circulation problems, limited space, and a demand to placate joe schmoe conservative.

Webcomics, however, offer so much more. Yes, there are crappy ones, and often even the good ones don't update as much as you'd like. However, a lot of them are very clever, experiment with different art forms, remain current and topical, and some are specifically based on a single style or theme. Many of these themes appeal to a nerd like myself.

Probably the best part is that I keep them all in a folder in my Firefox toolbar, and hit "open all in tabs" in the morning. It's like reading the daily funnies for the modern age.

It's awesome to watch truly dedicated artists improve their art over *years* and sometimes make the switch from part-time hobby to full time job cartoonist.

Some of my favorites:
Penny Arcade
Dinosaur Comics
Questionable Content
Alien Vs. Predator
Irregular Webcomic
Schlock Mercenary
Diesel Sweeties
Order of the Stick

Also, one of the comics I read has a side project starting soon, where people contribute and vote on a new webcomic being born...

Erica responded on 2/01/2007 11:21 PM #

Hey, thanks for your two cents. I forgot that I've been meaning to check out Diesel Sweeties. I've never heard of the other ones you mentioned though, so I'll have to look them up.

Thanks for the info!

Jared Cherup responded on 2/03/2007 5:15 PM #

My favorites are Joy of Tech ,The Perry Bible Fellowship, and Married to the Sea.

Even better you can subscribe to them in Google Reader thus not having to open multiple tabs in Firefox.