I thought I had to triple-click the red ones...

Some fun things to blog about today!

As a geeky librarian-to-be, I thought this was pretty cool.

OCLC, an organization near and dear to my heart, made it into the Onion. Whee! Now, if they would just hire me...

I've been reading a few blogs fairly consistently lately, mostly because Google Reader is the shit. Anyhow, I came across this T-shirt design, and a website called Threadless:

Also Sprach Miyamoto - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

You can rate T-shirt designs here, which are submitted by other users. If enough people like them, then they will be printed and available for purchase on the site. I'm really hoping this one is sold soon - I love it!

Also - was anyone else aware of the fact that Amazon sells engagement rings and bridal sets? They also sell sex toys, which are pretty damn funny to look through if you're bored. Be careful though, or else Amazon might start recommending them to you. Unless you're into that kind of thing, in which case you are a sick freak. Just kidding. ;)

Oh! I just remembered something from work today. Everyone got an email about this Management workshop that's being offered at OSU, and how those people new to management should attend. I hadn't even read the email when one of my coworkers ran up to me to show me her print-out of the email. It said: "Weather or not you are in a management position... " That's right, weather. And just last week I got an email from HR telling me to double-click on a hyperlink to take a stupid survey. Maybe I just take it for granted that you have to be smart to get a job in upper management. I guess I just expect people to know basic words like "whether" and that you don't have to double-click a hyperlink. Perhaps this is just too much to expect out of people.

(Disclaimer: I know that my grammar isn't perfect. But at least I have common sense. That counts for something.)

In any case, enjoy my links and please don't double-click them. Or I'll kill you. With a spoon.

2 Responses to "I thought I had to triple-click the red ones..."

Eebs responded on 8/15/2006 10:13 AM #

I have to have that shirt!!!

Damnit, now I have to sign up...

Bryan Loar responded on 8/15/2006 9:42 PM #

HA! Ha!

I love The Onion.